20 reasons Udemy is the #1 online learning platform for web development

As a web developer, you’ve probably seen quite a few educational sites.

But which online learning platform is worth your time and money? From Thinkful to Skillshare, to Udacity and Lynda, there is no shortage of options. But one options stands out in particular: Udemy.

So why is this the best online learning platform? Let us count the ways…Here are 20!

20. It’s cheap. For the cost of lunch in America, you can enroll in courses ranging from Node to full-stack web development bootcamps (where you’ll learn HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, JavaScript, JS framework, backend languages plus databases like Postgres & MongoDB…). Its absolutely the best bargain as an online learning platform.

19. Wait, it’s free! Oh, you thought the cheap prices were awesome? Many Udemy courses are also free. Instructors often do this as a marketing campaign to get you to sign up to their other courses.

17. It’s where the mindshare is. Tech influencers, from YouTubers like RealToughCandy and Progam with Erik to bloggers and beyond are standing by the platform. And what does this mean for students? Expect higher quality all around, whether it means better-produced courses, more regular updates or improved student support.

18. Near-constant blowout sales. See reason number 20. Technically, the list price of these courses is often $50, $100, sometimes $200 or more. But because Udemy wants to make it look like you’re getting a huge discount (I mean, you really are though), they’ll slash prices by 90% regularly. If this doesn’t count as a blowout sale, nothing does.

Let’s talk about the brains…

16. Huge Q&A sections. The Q&A section at Udemy has been a lifesaver for countless students. Every video has a Q&A section and so if you get stuck, reach out! Many top-rated instructors specifically note that they check and respond to student questions regularly. Alternatively many instructors also have TAs (teaching assistants) that tend to the Q&A area, ensuring your burning questions are answered quickly and accurately.

15. Amazingly smart instructors. No substitute teachers here! At the core of it, web developers are computer programmers. And computer programmers are really smart people. You can rest assured that the instructors of the highest-rated web development courses on Udemy know what they’re talking about.

Keep that product churning…

14. Constantly new courses. This leads to better selection and higher-quality courses, since the competition is pretty stiff in most web development categories. For example, if you want to learn React, you have your choice of Colt Steele, Andrei Neagoie, Stephen Grider and many others.

13. Dynamic Student Support. The Q&A section is a great benefit, but where it really gets interesting is the additional options for support. For example, Andrei Neagoie has his own Discord server (40,000 members strong!) where he makes daily appearances. This also lets students connect, work on projects together, encourage one another on their coding journey, and network. This goes well beyond the typical expectations for a standard online learning platform!

12. Downloadables. Many instructors provide digital hand-outs just like in college. From PDFs to infographics, they can really help illustrate tough web development concepts.

11. Articles. Udemy is a video-based platform, but lots of courses contain articles (or links to articles) that help illustrate everything from dependency injection to state management.

Halfway mark! Here are ten more reasons…

10. Multi-language support. English is the lingua franca for most Udemy web development courses, but many popular instructors also offer their most popular courses in other languages. For example, Rob Percival also offers his flagship The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 in Urdu and Hindi.

9. Full Lifetime Access. When you sign up for a Udemy course, you get it forever (or until Udemy goes belly up…which will hopefully be never 😄).

8. 30-day Money Back Guarantee. We’ve all invested in something that just wasn’t a good fit. This is also the case on Udemy. Maybe the material isn’t what we expected it to be, maybe the pacing is off, or maybe we decided we just don’t like it! Just ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase and Udemy will refund you.

7. Colt Steele shows off his cats and dogs. Yep, one of the most well-known web developer instructors Colt Steele keeps things interesting with cute pet cameos. And many other instructors make things fun with touches of humor throughout the courses. Web development doesn’t have to be all 1s and 0s!

But aside from Persian cats…

6. Sound off! Your feedback matters. Udemy asks for your feedback a lot during the typical course. It actually can get really annoying. But their persistence pays off: hundreds of thousands of students leave their honest feedback, enabling you to make better decisions with your education.

5. It’s easy to get started as a content creator.Have you ever thought of making your own course? Udemy makes it super straightforward and it costs nothing to publish your course (they take royalties from each sale). They’ll even design your course thumbnail!

4. You can gift the course. This is a great option for those who have friends or family in need. Or maybe you just want to do something nice for somebody you care about. Udemy makes it easy to gift any of their courses. If you’re trying to show your friends the amazing capabilities of Vue, why not gift ‘em?

3. It’s not just for techies. Sure, we’re all trying to become better web developers but Udemy isn’t just for tech. And we all have interests outside of

2. Good filter system. There are TONS of courses on Udemy, but thankfully they have a really good filtering system in place. You can filter courses by topic, features, level (beginner, intermediate, etc.), language, price, and duration.

And finally, the #1 reason Udemy is the best online learning platform:

From Node to Bootstrap to entire languages like Go, Python and Ruby, Udemy web development courses generally focus on implementation. In other words, you have the chance to not only learn the skills needed to get a job in the industry, but also build things you can put in your portfolio (things that employers care about!) while implementing bleeding-edge tech.

Agree or disagree: is Udemy really the best online learning platform? Sound off in the comments below!

Originally published at https://udemyreview.com on July 23, 2019.





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