Self-Taught Web Development: What Was It Really Like? || Six Developers Share Their Stories

Today you’ll meet Shane, Ian, Mika, N0vice, Jr., and Donovan. While their backgrounds, tech stacks, and geographical locations are different, all six of these devs share their coding journeys with clarity, candor, and insight into the self-taught web developer world.

Clockwise from upper left: Shane, Ian, Mika, N0vice, Jr., Donovan.

I think as a self-taught dev, there are many advantages.

The only thing I would consider a drawback while using Udemy, like any self-learning platform, is that there is no one “in person” who can help you when you get stuck.

One thing I can say with 100% confidence, if I can make it into this industry then anyone can do it. It just takes dedication, commitment and persistence.

The top 3 Udemy courses I would recommend:

Portfolio Advice for Newbies:

We live in a time of prosperity when it comes to learning.

Ian fused CodingPhase, Udemy, and YouTube to learn in-demand & modern dev skills on his own.

I first learned programming in 2003 and the first language was ActionScript 2.

We are all self-taught and we are all learning from someone.

Mika leveraged the YouTube ecosystem to learn web development.

I want to mention here the importance of a “good” portfolio. After two weeks on the job they told me that they liked my portfolio so much and that this was the reason they took me over other (more experienced) candidates.

Mika emphasizes that a good portfolio can put a job candidate far ahead of other candidates. Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash

I’m 17; I started learning web development just over a year ago.

N0vice’s modest yet powerful collection of Udemy courses helped him learn web development.

Tips for newbies:

This might sound like a paradox but one advantage that I think the “self-taught” route has over the others is that you can easily get off track and stop making progress while self-teaching.

As I mentioned earlier, I began facing resistance to my progress when I reached the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures portion of the curriculum.

I made a point of coding EVERYDAY when I started the freeCodeCamp curriculum — even if it was only 20 minutes.

I would eventually like to end up at a company that encourages creativity and innovation.

Jr.’s dream job involves maximizing his many skills, from music to electronics and beyond.
Donovan stresses the importance of focusing on one Udemy course at a time, even taking it multiple times to ensure the knowledge sticks. Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

Advice to code newbies:

Donovan ditched Facebook so he could focus on more important things, like learning to code.

Find a way to fight off those temptations and I promise the results will show.

Meetups are in nearly every city and cater to numerous web development niches, from vanilla JavaScript to web design.

Top 3 Udemy Courses:

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